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Recorded at Soma Electronic Music Studios, Chicago | Engineered by Mikael Jorgensen | Assistant Engineer Tim Iseler | Mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering, Chicago | Director of reVerse: K.C. Clarke | Executive Producers: K.C. Clarke, Richard Fammerée | Producers: Clarke, Fammerée, Linnaeus | reVerse Print and Web Art Direction by Clarke | Design and Coding by Jeffrey McKenzie | Content Clarke | CD packaging design by Guy Villa | Art: CD Cover and Back and website by Clarke; CD Inside Page Guy Villa

Special Thanks to John Dangora

Thanks to the people at, Ram Devineni, Lynn Grossman, Diana Peterson, and Priscilla Polley.

Compilation (c) 2004 reVerse
Tracks 1-9, 11-13 (c) 2004 reVerse
Track 10 (c) bluemind music
Track 14 (c) Lou Reed



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Echo and Shadow (2:24)
Written and Performed by Li-Young Lee
Music by Richard Fammerée

Skyscraper (delux) (1:28)
Written and Performed by K.C. Clarke
Music by K.C. Clarke and Mikael Jorgensen

Shed (3:40)
Written and Performed by Linnaeus
Music by Linnaeus
Recorded at Alien Sound, Chicago

What It Was (2:35)
Written and Performed by Mark Strand

Take Off Your Shoes (and Run) (2:18)
Written and Performed by Marvin Tate
Music by Marvin Tate

Possession of the Field (0:56)
Written and Performed by Elise Paschen

Evolution (3:31)
Written and Performed by Cin Salach
Music by Cin Salach and Ten Tongues, including Doug Brush,
Mark Messing, Mark Penner-Howell and Dave Zaworkski

Green Man (4:59)
Written and Performed by Richard Fammerée
Music by Richard Fammerée
Recorded at Alien Sound, Chicago

History of the Airplane (3:02)
Written and Performed by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Recorded Live at City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco

Song For You (4:16)
Written and Performed by Alexi Murdoch
Music by Alexi Murdoch
Recorded at Lookout Sound, Los Angeles

Spectacle: Possession (1:10)
Written and Performed by Simone Muench

It's About Time (3:28)
Written and Performed by Kent Foreman

Words Are My Salvation (5:47)
Written and Performed by Sherrille Lamb
Music by Sherrille Lamb
Piano and Organ by Mikael Jorgensen

The City and the Sea (3:25)
Written and Performed by Lou Reed
From the play titled "The Raven" written by Lou Reed
With excerpts from poems and stories by Edgar Allan Poe
Recorded at the New School, New York City

reVerse: volume one

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From avant garde to gospel, lyric narratives to performance pieces, acoustic to electronica, reVerse features established as well as emerging poets and songwriters, mixing the unmistakable voices and interpretive sounds of 14 artists to form a single volume. Purchase reVerse.

Performed by the artists themselves, the works in this collection create an intersection of music and poetry, rendering immaterial the question of the difference.

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