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reVerse charitable cause

Some of the proceeds from the sale of reVerse will be given to a program of The Poetry Center of Chicago called Hands on Stanzas

Hands on Stanzas pays poets to visit Chicago's inner-city schools as poets-in-residence over the course of a school year to teach students how to discuss, read, write and present/perform poems.

Thousands of children have learned the ropes of discussing, reading, writing and presenting/performing poetry through direct and regular classes lead by their poet. reVerse applauds The Poetry Center for doing such important work in some of America's neediest neighborhoods.


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reVerse: volume one

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From avant garde to gospel, lyric narratives to performance pieces, acoustic to electronica, reVerse features established as well as emerging poets and songwriters, mixing the unmistakable voices and interpretive sounds of 14 artists to form a single volume. Purchase reVerse.

Performed by the artists themselves, the works in this collection create an intersection of music and poetry, rendering immaterial the question of the difference.

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reVerse is an independent project. Distriubtion to American libraries is provided by Quality Books, Inc., operated by librarians for librarians. Digital distribution via iTunes, etc. is provided by IODA, America's Independent Online Distribution Alliance. If you are a reviewer and would like to request a review copy of reVerse, please e-mail us.