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Cin Salach

Cin Salach

Described as "blissful...and hypnotic" by the Chicago Sun-Times, Ten Tongues is led by performance poet Cin Salach on words spoken and sung, and includes musicians Mark Messing on wind & toys; Doug Brush on beats & boxes; Dave Zaworkski on strings & strangeness, and Mark Penner-Howell on amplified anything.

Salach's CD and video work have been aired on WBEZ, Image Union, and Oprah. Her first book was published in 1996, by Tia Chucha. In the fall of 2001, Cin wrote and performed in an original musical theatre piece "Undone" in collaboration with About Face Theatre.

An Illinois Arts Council award recipient and two-time Ragdale Fellow, Cin is a segment host on the Emmy-award winning PBS show, ART BEAT.


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