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Sherrille Lamb

Sherrille Lamb

Using her talents as a performance poet, singer, and lyricist (inspired by Gill Scott-Heron works), Sherrille Lamb cooks up a brew of Southern-style grooves that is coaxed by a powerful voice. She has shared the stage with artists such as Jill Scott, The Last Poets, T'Keyah Crystal Keymah of the Cosby Show, and Mums, from the HBO series OZ. Lamb has also been featured on Fareed Haque's CD The Poet and has appeared on HBO's Chicago Def Poetry Showcase.

She has hosted and performed at an number of events for many organizations, including Taste of Chicago, Annual Expo for Today's Black Woman, Around the Coyote Arts Festival, and the Annual Najwa Dance Corps Poetry and Dance Festival.

Lamb's media appearances range from local and national newspapers to magazines such as Today's Black Woman, radio appearances, and on-air television projects for WCIU. Lamb currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.


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