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Kent Foreman

Kent Foreman

Kent Foreman (1935 - 2010) was a beat generation poet who helped pioneer the Chicago performance poetry scene. He has appeared on HBO's Def Poetry Jam and has performed with Maya Angelou and Amiri Baraka. Foreman was a member of Chicago's 1999 champion national poetry slam team.

Kent Foreman's poetry has been described as such:

Foreman writes intelligent poems that he subjects to hard crafting and revision. His poems are mellow -- true mellowness -- call it peace, harmony, coming to terms, resolution, cessation of bitterness. He does not employ gimmicks in his poems or performance, and he respects his audience. His poems have none of the obnoxious self-absorption you often hear. -- excerpts from an independent review of Foreman's 1999 Poetry Center of Chicago performance, written by Tushar Samant


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