reVerse [man gazing toward city]
album tracks

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Li-Young Lee echo and shadow

KC Clarke skyscraper (delux)

Linnaeus shed

Mark Strand what It was

Marvin Tate take off your shoes
(and run)

Elise Paschen possession of the field

Cin Salach evolution

Richard Fammeree green Man

Lawrence Ferlinghetti history of the airplane

Alexi Murdoch song for you

Simone Muench spectacle: possession

Kent Foreman it's about time

Sherrille Lamb words are my salvation

Lou Reed the city and the sea


studio images

Clarke and Jorgensen mix something Marvin Tate bangs on the grand Marvin and Li-Young Lee Sherrille Lamb and back-up singers Mark Strand at Soma Linnaeus, Clarke, Tate and Lee give a track a listen Jorgensen tweaks something reVerse promo

k.c. clarke

richard fammeree

lawrence ferlinghetti

kent foreman

sherrille lamb

li-young lee


simone muench

alexi murdoch

elise paschen

lou reed

cin salach

mark strand

marvin tate